Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vote for Pumpkins

Of all the political signs on this corner in Jay, the pumpkin sign seems to be the most accessible candidate out of this crop.
No hidden agenda here folks, just two miles up the road you'll find them!

I'll add that they're pretty straight forward with what they'll do for you and they're not even going to add tax! Just serve yourself and put your money in the box.
I've got to say, this candidate is everywhere! Just the week before we elected to take home our first non-traditional white pumpkin from Lake Placid.
When the pumpkin is up for re-election next year, they'll have my vote again!


One of the ladies said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Vote for Balzac!

TourPro said...

Yes, agree.

The orange vegetable candidate is the best.

Carole said...

Please keep us posted on election day if the pumpkins in fact, win! :-D