Monday, September 20, 2010

Which Way for Wood?

Let's pretend that you are a tourist in Wilmington staying at one of the campgrounds and you want to build your family a fire and cook up some s'mores. You head into the center of town and at the four corners you are faced with making the difficult decision of turning left or right for camp wood.

I'm guessing you choose right because it takes less effort to make a right hand turn than a left hand turn because it doesn't involve crossing the yellow line. Right? Right.

Wrong! You are a failure. You reach the matching camp wood sign .5 miles later and see that there is no wood.

You make a gesture with your arms questioning the sign to the man driving out of his driveway and he shakes his head, NO.

You drive back to the four corners and head only .2 of a mile up the hill and see an amazing display of Camp Wood. Score! Here they have nice cubbies of about 20 pieces of camp wood for $5 and also starter wood to get you going for $2.

They even demonstrate on site how wood burns and creates smoke. The sign also reminds you that fire can be "Danger Hot" and you feel like this camp wood seller cares about their customer's fire safety.

Before picking out the camp wood that you were trying to buy you check out the rustic chainsaw carvings. Out of the corner of your eye you see a sign, "Take Your Picture with Dad Wilminon NY" Yup, right there in "Wilminon" you start acting like a true tourist and get camera happy.

Big Al with "DAD"

Drew, aka Fred Flintstone

After all the fun, you get back into your real car and head back to camp and discover you never even bought any Camp Wood.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 Main, We're not Scared!

The night started with a simple plan to go to Ladies Night at the Hollywood Theatre in Ausable Forks, but since Lori's coworker dared us to go into 20 Main, the night didn't just end with Eat, Pray, Love. 20 Main has over the years gotten a bad reputation. Some natives have told me they wouldn't dare step into the bar.

I'm not really sure why or how 20 Main got their reputation, perhaps it had something to do with this sign.

Needless to say, I'm a curious person and the ladies didn't put up a fight about checking it out. No "dive bar" was going to scare us. We are a tough group of ladies that are not to be messed with. Look how unapproachable we are.

Here's your proof Chuck!

Honestly, I'm a bit sad that I hadn't been into 20 Main sooner. Hello? Why did no one tell me they had table shuffleboard? I love shuffleboard and hadn't played it in years.

As a kid, my parents would take my sister and I to the Chase Mills Inn in the middle of nowhere St. Lawrence County for dinner. While waiting, I'd annoy my big sis by sprinkling sand all over the place and knock her discs off while she tried to play a "serious" game of shuffleboard.

So, the discovery of the shuffleboard's existence at 20 Main thrilled me and we started a serious game of our own!

Oh, dirty sand and germ ridden shuffleboard discs
how I've missed you!

The ladies divided themselves into two teams - red vs. blue or A&E vs. J&L. The game was tied up until the last match when I placed a red disc onto the 3 and no one came close to knocking it off. Emilie and I won 10 to 6!

Now that we know the music didn't stop when we walked in and didn't get our teeth knocked out, we'll be back to perfect our game of shuffleboard at 20 Main!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Largest Beer Selection?

Wilmington's North Pole Camping Resort has a new sign out front announcing that they have the "Largest Selection of Micros & Craft Beers In Town!"

Knowing that they have two major competitors in town, the gas station and the Little Supermarket, we were curious to see their beer selection.

The five shelves probably shouldn't be described as large, but then again, I guess it's all relative, especially in Wilmington. We were happy to see that they did carry a few hard to find varieties of beer. They let you mix and match and put together your own six pack which is always fun.

Drew ended up with a six pack of Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Otter Creek Copper Ale, Negra Modelo, Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA, Smithwick's Irish Ale, and a Hoegaarden White Ale. He quickly cooled them off after the car ride home in his "dorm room fridge" in the garage.

We also walked away with a bottle of Samuel Smith India Ale. Sammy Smith beers are my favorite and being able to buy them in Wilmington makes my life even better. Now, I think I'll go find myself a cold beer...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Musty Smell Solution for Furniture

I used to spray myself with Gingerale Perfume until my sister started accusing me of smelling like an old dirty basement. Yup, my family tells it like it is. Straight up honesty, like soda bubbles up your nose.

As much as I loved the scent, I certainly didn't want to smell musty. That goes for my husband too. We recently acquired an old dresser for him, but my nose immediately detected the scent of that Gingerale Perfume and so I went to work researching how to spare his clothing from smelling musty.

I realize that this is probably far too much background information and this really has nothing to do with being along the Ausable, but in case anyone else out there has searched high and low for answers on how to eliminate musty smells from antique furniture, I now present you with a solution.

1. Put furniture outside on a hot, sunny day to let it breathe.

2. Clean out all the dirt with a rag and vacuum out any remaining debris.

3. Using a diluted water and Murphy Oil Soap solution, wipe down the entire dresser and let air dry in the sun.

4. Put trays of baking soda in the drawers for 24 hours.

5. Dump out the baking soda and then put Activated Charcoal on baking trays inside the drawers and dresser for at least a week.

Activated Charcoal can be purchased at any Pet Store. We found it in the Fish section. I guess it makes aquarium water crystal clear and removes organic waste, colors and odor. Drew read somewhere that one gram of charcoal is equivalent to the surface area of 1/10 the size of a football field!

6. Remove charcoal trays and give the furniture another wipe down and it should be ready to store clothing!

So far, it seems to have worked. Cross your fingers for us that we have found the solution and if your nose tells you we haven't, please be honest and tell my husband he smells like an old, dirty basement as my sister once told me.