Monday, September 20, 2010

Which Way for Wood?

Let's pretend that you are a tourist in Wilmington staying at one of the campgrounds and you want to build your family a fire and cook up some s'mores. You head into the center of town and at the four corners you are faced with making the difficult decision of turning left or right for camp wood.

I'm guessing you choose right because it takes less effort to make a right hand turn than a left hand turn because it doesn't involve crossing the yellow line. Right? Right.

Wrong! You are a failure. You reach the matching camp wood sign .5 miles later and see that there is no wood.

You make a gesture with your arms questioning the sign to the man driving out of his driveway and he shakes his head, NO.

You drive back to the four corners and head only .2 of a mile up the hill and see an amazing display of Camp Wood. Score! Here they have nice cubbies of about 20 pieces of camp wood for $5 and also starter wood to get you going for $2.

They even demonstrate on site how wood burns and creates smoke. The sign also reminds you that fire can be "Danger Hot" and you feel like this camp wood seller cares about their customer's fire safety.

Before picking out the camp wood that you were trying to buy you check out the rustic chainsaw carvings. Out of the corner of your eye you see a sign, "Take Your Picture with Dad Wilminon NY" Yup, right there in "Wilminon" you start acting like a true tourist and get camera happy.

Big Al with "DAD"

Drew, aka Fred Flintstone

After all the fun, you get back into your real car and head back to camp and discover you never even bought any Camp Wood.


Ann said...

There's no putting "the pedal to the metal" in that car! I almost put "pedal to the medal!"

L said...

Between the fire and the chainsaws, camp wood foraging sounds like a dangerous endeavor...

Pucho V said...

...perhaps even a Danger Hot endeavor.

JuneBug said...

whoops. forgot!

and i would have picked the Left one first, because they have a Bigger Sign. But Keith would have picked right, again because of the easier turn... but really? a LHT in Wilmington couldn't be all that hard (and I am now jaded after spending the day in NYC traffic)