Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wells Memorial Library

I have a thing for books and libraries. I'm thinking it started with my mother taking me to the public library as a child and an obsession with Beatrix Potter miniature books began.
I loved those small books covered in plastic and couldn't wait to get a date stamped inside so I could take it home. It didn't matter if it was Jemima Puddle Duck, Miss Moppet or even the Tale of Two Bad Mice, I never noticed the musty smell that came home with them. I was thrilled when doing an internship at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and was faced with original illustrations by Miss Potter. I digress...

I went to the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay yesterday to browse around and check out a few books for the upcoming holiday season.
I love this library because it reminds me of an English Cottage and the inside has the same smell as the beloved books of my childhood.

Unfortunately, the volunteers were setting up for the Holiday Sale that starts on Monday, November 30th and it was closed. The library will have new and gently used decorations and new gift items until December 24. Last year, I scored a Roller Skating Christmas Bear as a Yankee Swap gift for my husband's work Christmas party. I wonder what kind of special gift I'll find this year?

Since I have a few days before the library re-opens, does anyone have any book recommendations? My reading varies, my latest reads have been: Like Water for Chocolate, Born to Run, The Reserve, and Olive Kitteridge. I think I've outgrown the Beatrix Potter tales, but I'd love to hear other suggestions.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday at North Country Taxidermy

Across the United States, shoppers stand in lines early in the morning at big box stores to score a deal on gifts the day after Thanksgiving. In Keene, NY, it's another story. When the North Country Taxidermy and Trading Post opens on Black Friday it means hunters showing up for mounting or consignment.

I waited until after the morning rush of hunters to shop here since they do have a good selection of gifts, souvenirs, and home goods. Walking up the steps, I was greeted by two bear cubs and I couldn't help but size up the one licking it's paw. It's a good chance it was a bear of this size that visited our mud room last fall leaving behind some poop to be identified.

The entrance room with nice jewelry and baby items is free from mounted wildlife and so is the ornament room, but once you walk further into the store you are surrounded by animals.

I noticed myself wanting to check out the blankets, but a bobcat was screaming at me.

These bobcats seemed a little less angry, but they still prevented me from checking out the price of the lamp and the sign behind them.

They had a nice selection of cards here, but be careful of the bear overhead teasing you with a beehive.

I managed to walk out of the store without bringing any animals home, but did end up with a handy book that will help us identify the scat of any future intruders on our property. Happy Black Friday!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friendly Truck

On may way into work this morning, I followed this truck and the "Have A Well Day!" message on the back, put a smile on my face. I suppose if I ever needed a well drilled, I would hire them based on their friendliness. Too bad I have no idea what the name of their business is.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Main Street Pizza

When Aniello's Pizza in Lake Placid opened a handful of years ago, we tried it and never went back. From that one bad pizza, I had little desire to try out the pizza that came from the newly named and owned, Main Street Pizza because I didn't think I could shake the memory of the awful pie we had years prior from the same location.

I had been hearing great things about the "Grandma Pizza" from this little restaurant located across from the Speed Skating Oval for some time now and my friend Amy said it was finally time for Grandma's. We brought her 5 year old daughter and best friend to Main Street Pizza to try it out.

We ordered some breadsticks for all of us to share. Everyone thought they were really good and I think one of the girls even gave them a "totally awesome."

The girls each ordered a slice of cheese pizza and I was surprised to see that they ate most of it. Emma thought, "This pizza is the best pizza in the history of pizzas!" Ruby, on the other hand, likes Pizza Hut better.

Amy and I finally had the Grandma Pizza which is plum tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and mozzarella. I'm not sure why they call this a Grandma Pizza, I guess I should have asked.
I was a little turned off by the paper plates and lack of silverware because I usually like to cut my pizza until half way and then pick it up with my hands. Amy told me, "It's a real pizzeria." So, I had to make do without and I shouldn't complain because I thought the Grandma Pizza might be one of the best in Lake Placid! The only thing that I thought could make it better was if the crust was a little more doughy. Amy liked the crispiness.

I brought the leftovers home to my husband and he had a slice right away. The next morning I was looking forward to each of us bringing a slice to work for lunch, but he managed to eat the rest of it when I went to bed. I guess he liked it too.

So, there you go folks...the Grandma Pizza at Main Street Pizza might be one of the best in Lake Placid! Only suggestion, phone your order in and take it home because one of Amy's first comments was, "I wish it was warmer. I like to walk into a restaurant and be able to take my jacket off." I have to agree, after only one slice the pizza went cold, but it was still good.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Cat Tale

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful cat named Mango. Like his owners, he loved the outdoors. When his owners lived in the big village of Lake Placid, they only let him go outside on a leash.

The owners moved to Jay and Mango would stare out the window day dreaming about the day he could go outside without a leash.

The day finally came when his owners decided they would allow their cats to wander freely. For two summers, Mango could go on his own adventures. He liked helping in the garden and hanging around the house while his owners worked in the yard.

Mango also really liked getting into the cat mint. His owners were never really concerned about his recreational kitty drug use since he always came home when they shook his treats and called his name. He never went past his curfew.

It wasn't until other cats in the neighborhood started to disappear that the owners started restricting outdoor privileges. First it was Oreo across the street and then it was their good friend Dracula. This was becoming the summer known for cats gone missing along the Ausable.

Mango and his cat friend Monty became annoyed that they couldn't come and go as they pleased. They were forced to stay inside more than they liked.

The owners knew how much their cats enjoyed being outside and so they allowed them to go out as long as there was supervision at home. One evening right before dusk, they rattled the treat tin and Mango did not return.

The owners beat themselves up about letting their cats outside since they knew all along the real dangers of the outdoors. They all kept hope that Mango would come home, but he never did. Sadness filled their home.

They thought about getting another cat, but didn't want to feel as if they were replacing their beloved Mango. Not able to deal with the depression of their other cat, the owners felt like they needed some positive energy in their lives again and so they brought home Bella. She was rescued from the Adirondack Humane Society and is happy to have found a good home in Jay. She might only ever see the outdoors in her dreams.

In Memory of Mr. Mango. We loved you!