Sunday, November 8, 2009

Main Street Pizza

When Aniello's Pizza in Lake Placid opened a handful of years ago, we tried it and never went back. From that one bad pizza, I had little desire to try out the pizza that came from the newly named and owned, Main Street Pizza because I didn't think I could shake the memory of the awful pie we had years prior from the same location.

I had been hearing great things about the "Grandma Pizza" from this little restaurant located across from the Speed Skating Oval for some time now and my friend Amy said it was finally time for Grandma's. We brought her 5 year old daughter and best friend to Main Street Pizza to try it out.

We ordered some breadsticks for all of us to share. Everyone thought they were really good and I think one of the girls even gave them a "totally awesome."

The girls each ordered a slice of cheese pizza and I was surprised to see that they ate most of it. Emma thought, "This pizza is the best pizza in the history of pizzas!" Ruby, on the other hand, likes Pizza Hut better.

Amy and I finally had the Grandma Pizza which is plum tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and mozzarella. I'm not sure why they call this a Grandma Pizza, I guess I should have asked.
I was a little turned off by the paper plates and lack of silverware because I usually like to cut my pizza until half way and then pick it up with my hands. Amy told me, "It's a real pizzeria." So, I had to make do without and I shouldn't complain because I thought the Grandma Pizza might be one of the best in Lake Placid! The only thing that I thought could make it better was if the crust was a little more doughy. Amy liked the crispiness.

I brought the leftovers home to my husband and he had a slice right away. The next morning I was looking forward to each of us bringing a slice to work for lunch, but he managed to eat the rest of it when I went to bed. I guess he liked it too.

So, there you go folks...the Grandma Pizza at Main Street Pizza might be one of the best in Lake Placid! Only suggestion, phone your order in and take it home because one of Amy's first comments was, "I wish it was warmer. I like to walk into a restaurant and be able to take my jacket off." I have to agree, after only one slice the pizza went cold, but it was still good.

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Anonymous said...

'cuz thats how grandama made it... nice and simple, and flat and crispy too...