Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday at North Country Taxidermy

Across the United States, shoppers stand in lines early in the morning at big box stores to score a deal on gifts the day after Thanksgiving. In Keene, NY, it's another story. When the North Country Taxidermy and Trading Post opens on Black Friday it means hunters showing up for mounting or consignment.

I waited until after the morning rush of hunters to shop here since they do have a good selection of gifts, souvenirs, and home goods. Walking up the steps, I was greeted by two bear cubs and I couldn't help but size up the one licking it's paw. It's a good chance it was a bear of this size that visited our mud room last fall leaving behind some poop to be identified.

The entrance room with nice jewelry and baby items is free from mounted wildlife and so is the ornament room, but once you walk further into the store you are surrounded by animals.

I noticed myself wanting to check out the blankets, but a bobcat was screaming at me.

These bobcats seemed a little less angry, but they still prevented me from checking out the price of the lamp and the sign behind them.

They had a nice selection of cards here, but be careful of the bear overhead teasing you with a beehive.

I managed to walk out of the store without bringing any animals home, but did end up with a handy book that will help us identify the scat of any future intruders on our property. Happy Black Friday!


Anonymous said...

Before you know it everyone Along the Ausable will be coming to you as the local scat expert!

eyeheartorange said...

this is rich. I didn't even read the text. The photos were plenty. You really are the authority, leaving no stone unturned, no business unreviewed! That's dedication, A!