Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beware: Flying Cows

First there was the pegasus of Upper Jay to watch out for and now drivers need to be on the look out for flying cows in Ausable Forks.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arcade Fun!

I started yesterday morning off by saying to my husband, "My prom date is spending the night and I don't know when we'll be home." Obviously he'd met him several times before and knew he had nothing to worry about because I've known Phil since our potty training days. Drew's only concern when it comes to my relationship with Phil would be that I might as an adult pee my pants from laughing so hard. I had been excited for months about his visit.

He met me at my place of work and had made plans to meet up with a friend from our hometown for dinner. Her trip took a little bit longer than planned and so we were left in Lake Placid with nothing to do on a Monday evening. We walked along Main Street in the spitting snow as stores were closing and feeling a bit defeated, we ended up at Bowlwinkles.

It was league night and we were told that we couldn't bowl, but it made no difference to us because there was an arcade! Phil was psyched to see his favorite game, Time Crisis II and got us a handful of coins to play our hearts away.

As he was shooting up bad guys I hung out at Ms. Pacman, but the joystick was broken and couldn't play too much of that before I started getting blisters. We noticed that several of the games were broken, but we weren't too sad because my all time favorite arcade game was there, Skee Ball! Oh, and after the first game of that we discovered we could get tickets and try to win something. I had my eye on the gummy worms.

We knew we had to get serious and started up some major rounds of skee ball.

Drew ended up joining us and we needed as much help as we could get if we were ever going to have a chance of winning those gummy worms. He and Phil warmed up and bonded over some Air Hockey.

This strategy seemed to work because Drew had one skee ball roll and got it into the 10,000 hole and shot out a long line of tickets. After running out of tokens and counting up our tickets we ended up with a measly 149, way short of the 325 needed for those worms. Phil picked out some "Groovy Playing Cards" and I scored a cat eraser and some play doh to give to our friend once she finally got there.

It's funny how I walked away from last night's fun thinking about the "drug-free" after prom party we attended and how I played similar games to collect enough tickets for a flashlight. The flashlight is long gone, but my prom date remains in my life after all these years.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sugar Shack Dessert Co.

Drew's birthday gave me the perfect reason to check out the Sugar Shack on Main Street.

They make lots of sugary treats, but they are best known for their cupcakes and have an assortment of flavors and sizes to choose from. Since it was my sweetie's birthday (pun intended), I wasn't going to skimp on size and get a couple miniature cupcakes, although that would have been a nice afternoon pick me up. I restrained myself from the snack and bought two big cupcakes, one Peppermint Patty and one Peanut Butter Chocolate.

They survived the trip across the street and barely made it through the rest of my work day because they smelled so good and coworkers would come by for a look and I would have to close the bag before they drooled all over my husband's cupcake. The cupcakes did take a dent in the frosting on the car ride home and I had wished I had asked if they had a box, but I guess it doesn't really matter because the cupcakes still looked impressive hours later to the birthday boy.

Those that know me, know that I LOVE chocolate and mint and was super excited that for St. Patrick's Day (I mean, Drew's birthday), they had made a cupcake combining those flavors. I was nice though and split them in half so we could try both cupcakes, after all it was his birthday. I was surprised to find out that we both agreed hands down that the Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake was out of this world and blew the Peppermint Patty away!

I couldn't believe that my favorite flavor duo got beat. I think I'll have to go get some miniature cupcakes this week and see how they do against other flavors in round two.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Birthday and a Goose

Have you ever had something so bizarre happen to you and realize no one will believe you unless you have a picture of it? This actually happens to me on a regular basis, nonsense stories that no one believes. Thus, the reason why I cart a camera around in my purse.

A few years back, my friend and I were celebrating her birthday in Lake Placid. We had one of those nights that made our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. We ended up winning a beer trophy in the toboggan race and then ran down Main Street showing off our grand prize and came across a couple walking down the sidewalk with a goose on a leash. The goose was wearing a bow tie and a dress! We needed a picture of this precious moment and convinced some strangers to take our picture, gave them my email address and begged for them to send it to me. We never got the picture and have been sad about it ever since.

Reminiscing in all of this, I called my friend.

E: Hello?
A: Hi! I hate to be a d-bag, but is your birthday tomorrow?
E: Why, yes it is.
A: What are you doing? Do you want to do something?
E: Sure. Remember that year we went tobogganing?
A: Yes, of course. And the goose. Too bad the chute is closed this year.
E: That sucks.
A: Yes, let's get together anyways. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

So, when I met up with her last night, I put together a little something for her in a frame.

I knew my Fine Arts degree would come in handy some day

We didn't get to go tobogganing and we didn't come across a goose with a dress and bowtie, but we did manage to have a good time and make it to the toboggan run.

da girlz

What happened next should not be documented on this blog. Happy Birthday you tall of drink of water!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost Cat in Two Feet of Snow?

After getting two feet of snow in the last 24 hours, this is what everyone in our neck of the woods dealt with in the morning.

Normally we love this kind of accumulation and have thoughts of rare powder days at Whiteface, but if I couldn't make it into work because of unsafe conditions, we probably shouldn't risk our lives driving in it for one day of fun in the snow. Um yeah, when did we smarten up?

In the middle of all the snow excitement, our cat Bella decided to venture out and turned up missing. We were puzzled because there was nowhere for her to go and the paw prints along the house all stopped and back tracked.

We came to three conclusions: 1) she died in a kitty avalanche 2) an owl scooped down and took her away from us or 3) she wanted nothing to do with the snow and hid under the porch and got stuck. We called and shook her treats for half the morning and just when we were getting ready to tear up the porch floor boards in the middle of a snow storm, we heard her meow. She had come from the depths of the underground porch world covered in cobwebs, not snow. Hopefully she'll spend the rest of her life in the prison of our home.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phone Booth Found!

Do you remember when I was upset about the Jay phone booth being taken away and how I tried to track it down? To refresh your memory you can read about it here.

Well, the other night we were driving along Rt. 9N and I spotted it! There standing in all its glory was the phone booth hiding behind someone's garage. It all happened so quickly, I didn't know if it was a mirage. I just knew I needed to go back during daylight to see if it was really there.

My husband wanted to go up the driveway to see it, but I thought that was a little intrusive and I didn't want to get in trouble for trespassing. I had to settle for staying 100 yards back.

I know what you're thinking, "Where is it? How did she see it?" Well, I see everything. Please don't think I'm a stalker or anything, but when your beloved phone booth has gone missing and it is whispering your name in the night, you most certainly are going to see it shining under the light of the garage up on the hill.

Standing on 9N, the phone booth seemed a little sad. This is where you tell me objects don't have feelings and that I was being unrealistic to say in a recent article in Adirondack Life, "I felt like I had a relationship with it."

I guess my expectations for the phone booth's new life was too high. I can only hope that the phone booth is treated with respect and the new person in its life, treats it well.