Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost Cat in Two Feet of Snow?

After getting two feet of snow in the last 24 hours, this is what everyone in our neck of the woods dealt with in the morning.

Normally we love this kind of accumulation and have thoughts of rare powder days at Whiteface, but if I couldn't make it into work because of unsafe conditions, we probably shouldn't risk our lives driving in it for one day of fun in the snow. Um yeah, when did we smarten up?

In the middle of all the snow excitement, our cat Bella decided to venture out and turned up missing. We were puzzled because there was nowhere for her to go and the paw prints along the house all stopped and back tracked.

We came to three conclusions: 1) she died in a kitty avalanche 2) an owl scooped down and took her away from us or 3) she wanted nothing to do with the snow and hid under the porch and got stuck. We called and shook her treats for half the morning and just when we were getting ready to tear up the porch floor boards in the middle of a snow storm, we heard her meow. She had come from the depths of the underground porch world covered in cobwebs, not snow. Hopefully she'll spend the rest of her life in the prison of our home.


Miriam said...

Glad your kitty is ok and didn't die in a roofalanche

elizabeth said...

Big relief! She is on house arrest, with treats of course.

michelle said...

Oh meow meow! There's nothing like finding and rescuing your cat.
So glad there was a happy ending. Sorry you got hit with more snow :/

Drew Haas said...

put that cat on a leash

Rick said...

I know your pain!