Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arcade Fun!

I started yesterday morning off by saying to my husband, "My prom date is spending the night and I don't know when we'll be home." Obviously he'd met him several times before and knew he had nothing to worry about because I've known Phil since our potty training days. Drew's only concern when it comes to my relationship with Phil would be that I might as an adult pee my pants from laughing so hard. I had been excited for months about his visit.

He met me at my place of work and had made plans to meet up with a friend from our hometown for dinner. Her trip took a little bit longer than planned and so we were left in Lake Placid with nothing to do on a Monday evening. We walked along Main Street in the spitting snow as stores were closing and feeling a bit defeated, we ended up at Bowlwinkles.

It was league night and we were told that we couldn't bowl, but it made no difference to us because there was an arcade! Phil was psyched to see his favorite game, Time Crisis II and got us a handful of coins to play our hearts away.

As he was shooting up bad guys I hung out at Ms. Pacman, but the joystick was broken and couldn't play too much of that before I started getting blisters. We noticed that several of the games were broken, but we weren't too sad because my all time favorite arcade game was there, Skee Ball! Oh, and after the first game of that we discovered we could get tickets and try to win something. I had my eye on the gummy worms.

We knew we had to get serious and started up some major rounds of skee ball.

Drew ended up joining us and we needed as much help as we could get if we were ever going to have a chance of winning those gummy worms. He and Phil warmed up and bonded over some Air Hockey.

This strategy seemed to work because Drew had one skee ball roll and got it into the 10,000 hole and shot out a long line of tickets. After running out of tokens and counting up our tickets we ended up with a measly 149, way short of the 325 needed for those worms. Phil picked out some "Groovy Playing Cards" and I scored a cat eraser and some play doh to give to our friend once she finally got there.

It's funny how I walked away from last night's fun thinking about the "drug-free" after prom party we attended and how I played similar games to collect enough tickets for a flashlight. The flashlight is long gone, but my prom date remains in my life after all these years.

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Brings a tear to the eye!!