Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heaven at the Little Supermarket!

Can I just tell you that I discovered that the Little Supermarket in Wilmington carries the ice cream sandwich of my dreams?
The Andes Ice Cream Sandwich! I never knew such a treat existed and am so glad I stumbled upon it so close to home. I think I mentioned before my love of chocolate and mint, the best pairing of two ingredients that found each other in this world.

My love of the ice cream sandwich started in middle school. I think from 7th grade until high school graduation I had an ice cream sandwich every day with lunch, along with a bagel of some sort and chocolate milk. Turns out my future husband's lunch consisted of the same. We love ice cream sandwiches and are known to have them in our freezer in the summer. But, now it will be this heavenly dessert I found at the Little Supermarket!

I love you so much Andes Ice Cream Sandwich, it's a shame I'm already married.


Anonymous said...

tomato and basil
tomato and garlic
not ice cream just great parings!

eyeheartorange said...

I had either the ham and cheese bagel or the bagel with cream cheese everyday, too! I have tried and tried to recreate that H&C bagel taste, but I guess that secret will live on in the Potsdam High cafeteria.