Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All at T & T

Okay, so maybe I didn't start the new year exercise thing two weeks ago, but I did finally get a membership to the gym yesterday. Where you ask? At T&T Tanning!
It's right next to the post office in Wilmington in that new little building. When you see the structure from the road, you probably wonder like I did, how there could possibly be a gym inside.After finally checking it out, I was surprised to see that there is a lot to be offered at T&T. Besides the two tanning beds, they can ship your UPS packages, have a jewelry counter and sell many other gifts for purchase.

The gym is set up for circuit training and they recently added a treadmill. I tend to be a big wimp when the temperature outside dips below 10 degrees. Who am I kidding? My exercise regime came to a screeching halt some time in November when I left work and it was dark outside. So, I like the comfort of the indoors and this treadmill will do the trick for a couple months.
As I was running on it yesterday, I was warmer than usual and looked down to notice that the heater was right next to me, turned on high. Luckily, the owner told me I had control of everything including the heat, music, and as many cups of Keurig beverages I would like! I think next time I'll ask if we can turn the treadmill around facing into the room rather than the wall so I can feel less like a caged gerbil running on a wheel.

I'm pretty sure T & T will get me to March and have me looking like this lady I met when I was changing in one of the tanning rooms.
I'll just have to see if Keurig makes a drink that will grow my hair out and color it, get breast surgery, and really hit the T & T tanning beds for the next two months.


Anonymous said...

i think you'll look great blonde! what about the bikini wax? vegetable oil removes wax if you get scared

Martha said...

I am so glad they put up the picture of me as Miss Wilmington!

Along the Ausable said...

Martha-Maybe you should become my life coach! :)

L said...

Wow, you should by some gym bling at the jewelery counter as a reward for working out. Just remember to remove it before you get in the tanning bed so you don't get tan lines.