Saturday, January 30, 2010

Invasion of the Gnomes

Have you noticed the new look to the blog and how all of a sudden a gnome appeared? It's strange that this is happening in the Winter, but it seems as if I am being invaded by gnomes!

This morning, a gnome hung from our tree offering black seed oil to the birds. I thought it was so kind that the little gnome was handing out energy to the cold birds on this below zero morning.

Two different gnomes must have thought it was too cold to be outside and they found warmth in our home. One lounged around reading books all morning.

The other found comfort in his usual environment and decided to hide out in a house plant we are trying to take care of for a friend. I hope the gnome can use his magic powers and make the plant a little bit healthier.

Unfortunately, I couldn't hang with my gnomies all day and had to go to work. I was greeted by a little gnome on my desk and was thrilled to have the company.

After having a day filled with gnomes, it looks as if a few might have slipped under our comforter and will be joining me at bedtime too.

I like having company in our little gnome sweet gnome. I just hope they'll stick around so in a few months they can help me in the garden.

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Miriam said...

A friend of mine woke up one morning to find a front yard full of little snowmen gnomes in her front yard. When she told me about it she didn't know who had done it yet.

I'm amazed at the variety of gnomes you have.