Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake Placid Toboggan Chute

One of my all time favorite activities in the winter is tobogganing down the chute onto Mirror Lake. This is always a hit or miss activity because it is so weather dependent. February is usually the best time to go when the lake has been frozen for a few months.

A couple years ago in March, my friend Emilie and I stumbled upon the Lions Club race that had been delayed due to weather conditions. We had so much fun, but got completely soaked because the top layer of Mirror Lake was turning to slush. Strangely, we received second place for women and walked away with a Genesee Beer trophy that now resides in my garage.

That trophy really means something to me because as a child my sister and I were in a sledding accident and we ended up with one black eye and a swollen jaw. Surprisingly, we took a chance at the Toboggan Chute together a few years back and the only mishap was a pair of torn snow pants.

This is not an activity for the faint of heart. There is a large warning sign before you climb the structure discouraging expectant mothers and others with heart conditions. They also let you know they are not responsible for damaged clothing that might get torn from extreme friction.

My husband had never been down the Toboggan Chute and so after grocery shopping we went for a few rides. I think the following videos will show that I have gotten over my fear of sledding.

I love it when you spin on the ice at the end!

How can something be so scary and fun at the same time?

If you've never been tobogganing, this could be your week. The conditions are fast and this Saturday, Rock 105 will be hosting the Adirondack International Toboggan Championships where there are lots of prizes and the funds raised go to the USA Luge Team. I'm sorry to say there won't be any beer trophies handed out at this event, that was last weekend and I missed out on the event. So, for another year, our beautiful beer trophy will be the only one on the tool shelf.


Carole said...

Oh that was AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing your fun!!

Anonymous said...

Laughed my a** off at this one. I still have my ski pants w/ the friction burn and tape over them :). Your sissy!