Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poop Identification

Let me start by saying, I feel very violated this morning.
We had some kind of animal visit us in the night.  In trying to get my cat Mango in last night, I must have forgotten to latch the door from our "breeze way" into the mud room.  We had the garbage in the mud room because we are refinishing the kitchen floor and didn't want anything in the kitchen.  After waking up this morning and glancing into the mud room (excuse my language) I gasped, "Holy Shit!"  Here are some more pictures from the garbage poop incident:

Poop literally right inside my nice red fleece hat!

Poop on top of nails in breeze way!

Last but not least, poop patty on top of cardboard!
I would be really surprised if these poop patties belonged to a raccoon.  Could it really only be a raccoon?  Could it have possibly been a bobcat?  A skunk?  A bear!?  I'd like to say I would give out a reward for the person that can identify the poop, but I have no money.  Remember, we are renovating a house.  Please tell me this animal will go into hibernation soon and I won't have to worry about the poop bandit.


Ann said...

Is your husband's next comment going to start with "From the guy who cleaned up the poop"?
I can't identify the poop. I can just say "ICK YUCK GROSS." I don't ever want to see you wearing that red hat.

kidsshoelady said...

Oh Alison, I'm so sorry this happend to you two! What a mess, a BIG mess if you know what I mean. I hate to say this, but I think it's bear poop, so lock that door from now on!

Lisa said...

Does a bear s**t in the woods? Apparently not and I hope you threw the hat away!

Yes I cleaned up the poop! said...

Scat in the Hat!

Along the Ausable said...

Survey says, Bear Scat!

Susan said...

Hi Alison,
Your dad posted to DRM about your "incident." I googled and found this:


Su Quarles

Carole said...

I vote bear also, and can I just say, I can't believe of all the places to choose, it pooped on NAILS??

eyeheartorange said...

oh gross! My neighbor has decided that our shared porch is the perfect spot for his cat Simone's litter box. And cleaning it out is obviously not one of his favorite chores. So I stare at poop on a daily basis. Only not in my hat.