Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wood Stove Inside!

Driving by Station Street Bar and Grille in Lake Placid, I noticed a nicely drawn Wood Stove on the chalk board out front.  
I am not really sure if having a wood stove inside a restaurant would bring in customers.  If people were guaranteed a table right next to the wood stove on a really cold day then maybe people would flock here.  Some of my friends have wood stoves in their homes and I can't imagine that this advertisement would lure them in.

On another note, they have a chiminea on their outdoor patio.  
This might be nice on a summer night when it is a little chilly.  One might think this could potentially be romantic, getting cozy with a loved one and sipping some wine by the chiminea. Apparently, the cinder blocks that it sits on turns my husband off.  Who knew cinder blocks could be such a turn-off?

I apologize if I might be coming off a little bit like Andy Rooney, but I just have mixed feelings about Station Street's "special" stoves.

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eyeheartorange said...

A wood stove would totally lure me in today! I know I'm not allowed to complain about the freezing Atlanta winters, but it really is cold and drizzly here today. And I just had my running practice with my little girls in the rain so I'm chilled to the bone! I just can't stomach turning the heat on here until December.