Sunday, October 5, 2008

A & W

My friend Lisa and I ate at the A & W in Wilmington last night.  We try to make it an annual event for us in the summer.  We realized last week that we had to get our tradition in because they would be closing up for the winter after Columbus Day weekend.  This is not your typical restaurant chain A & W, it has a nice vintage feel to it.  If you are not familiar with A & W food, it is "Good, All American Food." 
At the Wilmington A & W, they make the root beer there on site where they mix everything in big vats downstairs rather than have the root beer shipped pre-made.  This insures fresh root beer, although ours came in 2007 mugs.  I ordered a Root Beer Float and Lisa had a regular Root Beer.  When they bring your float they make it a point to tell you to let it settle before drinking it. 
I took my time photographing the float for all of you and Lisa assured me that enough time had passed and it would be okay for me to put my straw in.  She used to work at this A & W as a teenager years ago and so I was trusting her.  

Alas, the float exploded anyways (notice the pool of root beer on the table).
This happens to me every single time I go.  I thought this would be the one time that I would not have a volcanic root beer float.  Lisa is not really sure what makes the combination of root beer and soft serve vanilla ice cream so volatile.  She thinks it is just one of those odd chemical reactions between the two.  I am definitely not a science brain and at times like this, I wish my brother in law was with me to explain.

Anyways, in addition to our tasty beverages, I ordered a Coney Cheese Dog Combo.  This particular combo comes with a beef hot dog covered in a meat sauce, onions, and cheese with a side of fries.
Yes, that is a fork and knife in my coney dog and one must use these utensils if they don't want a Coney dog explosion all over their lap.

Lisa ordered the Cheeseburger Combo with fries and a side of Coney Sauce.  She loves dipping her fries in the sauce and saves this process for last.
We both enjoyed our meals and I look forward to next year's artery clogging tradition at A&W.  I just hope I can figure out the float thing some day.


Ann said...

If you have a bite of a sandwich with marshmallow fluff, then drink some soda you get the same foaming explosion in you mouth--on a smaller scale! It's fun! Especially if you're a teenager and it's a boring summer day!

Forced to eat leftovers instead of AW said...

Mmmmm.... Looks yummy I wish someone brought me Coney Dog home last night.
I had to eat leftovers instead!

Carole said...

I have never eaten at A&W but I have always been curious about the kind of food they have there, so thanks for sharing - now I know! And I'll be sure to try A&W next time I'm near one, looks really yummy! :-P

rabbit13676 said...

Esmer & I took our coupons to A&W in Potsdam yesterday and both enjoyed the chili cheese dog with fries and diet root beer. Was great going down but stayed with us most of the day. Guess we won't be doing that often! Maybe just a root beer float next time.

Anonymous said...

Having Company for four days eating Filipino Dinner and seeing the left over I have to finish,the Cheese Hot Dog and Root Beer is sooooo good!!!
Mindy and I are planning to have the Float next