Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gas & Grocery Conspiracy

I know I have mentioned The Little Supermarket in Wilmington and also Devin's in Jay, but I usually go to Price Chopper in Lake Placid, the only large grocery store in my commute to and from work and really the only option unless you live in Saranac Lake (opposite direction).  If I am making a trip to Plattsburgh I will do my shopping there because it is not as expensive with at least four different grocers to choose from.  

I have to say that I was excited to have Price Chopper partner with Sunoco Gas in providing discounts on gas when using your Price Chopper Advantage Card.  This was definitely a reward and an incentive to do more shopping at Price Chopper rather than going all the way to Plattsburgh.  With every $50 you spend, Price Chopper gives you 10 cents off a gallon!  You can let your "gas cents-off" accumulate for 90 days or so.

Last night the cashier informed me that I had 50 cents off a gallon!  Great!  Here's the catch, the Sunoco in Lake Placid has been closed for a week or so.  
If I were headed to Saranac Lake (out of my way), it would be no problem and I could fuel up in Ray Brook.  There is a Sunoco station in Wilmington on the way home to Jay, but for some reason they don't take the Advantage Card there. 

I think Sunoco in Lake Placid timed their closing with gas prices going down.  Up the street it was only $3.35, very close to my 50 cents off that I would have gotten with the LP Sunoco price of $3.83 two weeks ago.  If they were open now at $3.35, my gas would only cost me $2.85! Unheard of right? I think it is all just one big conspiracy.

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