Sunday, October 19, 2008


I never thought I was a fan of using the scarecrow as a fall decoration, until today!  I came off of Springfield Road in Upper Jay and was faced with a scarecrow right in front of me sitting on the bridge.  I wasn't expecting him to be there.  Of course I immediately fell in love with him.  When getting out of the car to take his picture, I noticed another scarecrow on the other side of the bridge. Maybe decorating with scarecrows isn't such a bad thing after all.  

It gets better, across the street in the little garden park next to the post office was another one!
Continuing on 9N towards Jay, there was a scarecrow in front of the fire department.  Only a mile later there was another one perched on the guard rail.  How fun!

The big finale was at the Village Green in Jay.  There was a scarecrow for each post on the North side of the park!  Unfortunately, that picture didn't come out very well.  But, here's a picture of the last one I saw from Upper Jay to Jay.  
I think I must have counted at least 10 scarecrows and one miniature one in just this 4 mile stretch.  Please forgive me boy and girl scarecrows of the world for ever doubting you.  I guess scarecrows need a break from busy summers tending the gardens. Happy Fall and enjoy your freedom from the restraints of the garden!


Courtney said...

Benjamin (my 2 year old) picked one out the other day when we were shopping for Halloween crafts at Michaels...your local scarecrows look awfully similar to the ones in metro DC...

Anonymous said...

I think you need one for your garden next summer!