Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wells Memorial Library

I have a thing for books and libraries. I'm thinking it started with my mother taking me to the public library as a child and an obsession with Beatrix Potter miniature books began.
I loved those small books covered in plastic and couldn't wait to get a date stamped inside so I could take it home. It didn't matter if it was Jemima Puddle Duck, Miss Moppet or even the Tale of Two Bad Mice, I never noticed the musty smell that came home with them. I was thrilled when doing an internship at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and was faced with original illustrations by Miss Potter. I digress...

I went to the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay yesterday to browse around and check out a few books for the upcoming holiday season.
I love this library because it reminds me of an English Cottage and the inside has the same smell as the beloved books of my childhood.

Unfortunately, the volunteers were setting up for the Holiday Sale that starts on Monday, November 30th and it was closed. The library will have new and gently used decorations and new gift items until December 24. Last year, I scored a Roller Skating Christmas Bear as a Yankee Swap gift for my husband's work Christmas party. I wonder what kind of special gift I'll find this year?

Since I have a few days before the library re-opens, does anyone have any book recommendations? My reading varies, my latest reads have been: Like Water for Chocolate, Born to Run, The Reserve, and Olive Kitteridge. I think I've outgrown the Beatrix Potter tales, but I'd love to hear other suggestions.


Ann said...

"The Help"
"The Thirteenth Tale"
Those are the two best books I've read in along time. "The Thirteenth Tale" is just a couple years old, but is very much a great Gothic thriller. Very well written.
"The Help" takes place in a small city in central Mississippi in the early 60s. Several black maids tell what their lives were like during that time.
Today I started "The Heretic's Daughter." I haven't read enough to be able to recommend it, but my niece loved it. I just got Barbara Kingsolver's new book and am looking forward to reading that. I hope I love it as much as "The Poisonwood Bible", which makes my Top 5 all-time favorites.
I can't wait to see what other people have to recommend.

Elizabeth said...

I suggest you finish Owen Meany and I also loved My Life in France by Julia Child.

One of the ladies said...

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Shannon said...

I second both The Help and The Art of Racing in the Rain.

JuneBug said...

Water for Elephants
Time Travelers Wife
Three cups of tea

Finished "Broken For You" just before Mira was born, and it was fantastic.