Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter is Here?

Elizabeth and I left my house in Jay with green grass and thriving parsley and thyme in the garden. We chucked our skis in the back of her truck and drove to the base of Whiteface Memorial Highway and it was a landscape with snow. It's amazing what another 1000 feet of elevation does for snow and weather conditions.

After I stopped moaning about the uphill, I developed a blister on my left heel and we turned around about 3.5 miles up. The wind was wicked in a few spots and if we had gone to the top I suspect we would have been a tad cold with only light layers on, needless to say my angry feet wanted to turn around too.

I was excited to share with all of you some fun pictures of the adventure, but had some issues downloading them and they got deleted except for this AMAZING action packed video. No offense taken if I put you to sleep. Winter is here!

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Anonymous said...

Cool, videos too! Wow, your blogging skills are really getting sophisticated! Keep up the great work.