Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bargain Christmas Tree

I hate to brag, but I found the best bargain Christmas tree ever! I found it at Devin's Garage and Deli right in Jay, only half a mile from our house.
We were debating getting a tree at all this year with the new kitten, but finally decided since we are actually spending Christmas day at our own house this year, we had to have one.

Earlier in the morning, I spotted the tree at Devin's and convinced myself that I could compromise beauty and size for a $17 tree. When I brought Drew back to get it, I had misread the label and we put our small Charlie Brownish tree in the back of our trunk for only $7!

Can you believe it? A $7 Christmas tree! Victory!

As we were setting our little tree up and placing the lights on, Bella acted very curious.
This curiosity made me very glad we didn't spend $40 on a tree. Did I mention it was only $7? I decided to only hang non-breakable ornaments this year in case she decides she'd like to climb the tree and pounce on the pretty dangling decorations.

With only one string of lights needed and less than an hour later, our little $7 Christmas tree is looking pretty darn good.

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