Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Visits the Gargoyles

I couldn't sleep last night because I was anxious to see if Santa brought the Gargoyles anything for Christmas this year. Without waking the Gargoyles I noticed that "Santa" had indeed delivered!

Apparently the Gargoyle stockings were too small to hold the PEZ that Santa brought and must have run out of wrapping paper too because they were propped up against the wreaths.
I hope that no wild animal discovers the PEZ before the Gargoyles find their surprise from Santa!

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!


Anonymous said...

I love that Santa didn't forget the gargoyles!

hcfine said...

We were so excited to see our gifts. How did Santa sneak those to us when we weren't looking. We must of dozed off. It is hard to be awake ALL the time!

Thank you Santa!

hcfine said...

By the way, we will share our PEZ's with our family. They were just as excited as we were about our gifts!

Santa, you are the best!