Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Blog Post of 2009

2009 really bummed me out on the friend front. More friends left for the west.

It actually started at the end of 2007 when our best "couple" friends moved to Lake Tahoe. I figured they'd be back in two years...2009. That didn't happen and I'm still not over it.

Then, one of my closest girl friends of over 10 years decided she'd go to Montana for grad school. Tears happened, lots and lots of tears. Bittersweet.

Oh, and remember Mango, our cat? I'm pretty sure when he went missing he hitched a ride out west too.

Then just before Thanksgiving, it happened again. Friend comes to see me at work after a trip out west. She tells me she's moving to Colorado. I tell her through tears, "I'm glad I didn't invest too much."

I hold my friends close to my heart. I miss you all and to those of you that remain living along the Ausable, know that in 2010 I might be holding on a little bit stronger. I hope to spend more time with old and new friends, near and far in 2010!


Ruby's MOM said...

Ruby and I will never leave you!!!! Love you so much:)

Anonymous said...

Distance makes the heart grow fonder!!!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I moved too! Aren't I blog worthy???
-the other Alison