Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 Main, We're not Scared!

The night started with a simple plan to go to Ladies Night at the Hollywood Theatre in Ausable Forks, but since Lori's coworker dared us to go into 20 Main, the night didn't just end with Eat, Pray, Love. 20 Main has over the years gotten a bad reputation. Some natives have told me they wouldn't dare step into the bar.

I'm not really sure why or how 20 Main got their reputation, perhaps it had something to do with this sign.

Needless to say, I'm a curious person and the ladies didn't put up a fight about checking it out. No "dive bar" was going to scare us. We are a tough group of ladies that are not to be messed with. Look how unapproachable we are.

Here's your proof Chuck!

Honestly, I'm a bit sad that I hadn't been into 20 Main sooner. Hello? Why did no one tell me they had table shuffleboard? I love shuffleboard and hadn't played it in years.

As a kid, my parents would take my sister and I to the Chase Mills Inn in the middle of nowhere St. Lawrence County for dinner. While waiting, I'd annoy my big sis by sprinkling sand all over the place and knock her discs off while she tried to play a "serious" game of shuffleboard.

So, the discovery of the shuffleboard's existence at 20 Main thrilled me and we started a serious game of our own!

Oh, dirty sand and germ ridden shuffleboard discs
how I've missed you!

The ladies divided themselves into two teams - red vs. blue or A&E vs. J&L. The game was tied up until the last match when I placed a red disc onto the 3 and no one came close to knocking it off. Emilie and I won 10 to 6!

Now that we know the music didn't stop when we walked in and didn't get our teeth knocked out, we'll be back to perfect our game of shuffleboard at 20 Main!


Martha said...

I've lived here for more than 6 years and never been to 20 Main. Maybe next date night... Ah, who am I kidding, we'll just end up at Hoff's! I mean Steins!

One Blonde Girl said...

Ah... 20 Main. Good times. Good times.

Anonymous said...

You are one brave broad!

One of the ladies said...

20 Main is probably one of the friendliest places I have ever been, and once the locals know you, you're pretty much family. 20 was the inspiration for the Beer Run Association too!!!

adkDavid said...

Yup, I remember my first time in 20 Main, I had my doubts, but I just landed a new job and decided to celebrate with a beer - just one ya know... well this was like 9 years ago, I walked in and everyone (all 7 of them) were starring at me like I had 2 heads. I ordered a beer and the bartender asked if I drove here and I said yes I did - he then refused to serve me a beer. So I ordered a soft drink and struck up a conversation with a gal sitting at the bar - seems we knew a few folks in common. Then some guy came over and joined the chat, then the bartender, then yes, we started playing shuffleboard, and YES finally the bartender allowed me to order a beer, then Wahoo! - The bartender started buying me drinks - a great ending to a weird intro, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

This brought back such great memories of my favorite college bar which was a rough and tumble local bar. Most collegiates avoided it, but those of us who braved the facade, loved it. We were regulars and for that the locals bought us rounds for our special occasions as we bought for them on theirs. I just looked it up and yes, Barber's is still there. In fact, it is the only one that is still there. Ah yes, these places are hidden treasures protected by local lore.

Blonde Mom