Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breakfast at Chair 6

My pre-school playmate and prom date came for a brief overnight visit. He arrived late at night and would be leaving first thing in the morning, but not until we had a proper breakfast and shared some laughs. So, I brought him to Chair 6 in Lake Placid.

When we arrived, the cook was also working as the server. We contemplated ordering the same thing because it would make his morning a little easier, but when we saw that the other tables food was coming out quick and everything looked so good, we changed our minds.

The server/chef arrived without a pen and paper and when Phil ordered the "BIG 6" the server said, "I'm good, but not that good." So, he returned with a pen and jotted down the complicated BIG 6 order which included choice of pancake (sweet potato), soft taco (sausage and cheddar), one egg (over easy), home fries, choice of bread (everything bagel), and breakfast meat (bacon). I had to write it down also because that's a whole lot of food for one breakfast meal.

I found Phil to be savvy about his meal. He took the egg and bacon and made a bagel sandwich out of it, ate his pancake, and took the soft taco to go.

I had the "Bunny Hill" and ordered it as a sweet potato pancake, over easy egg, and sourdough toast. I love their sweet potato pancakes, especially when they are a little crispy around the edges and the real Adirondack Maple syrup soaks right in. Delicious!

When we finished I asked Phil how he would describe his meal and he simply replied, "Good, home cooking." Honestly, I wouldn't have cared how breakfast turned out, it was the company that mattered.

Seeing Phil is a rare occasion, but when I do, I realize just how lucky I am to have a friend that can still make me laugh after all these years.

My Pal Phil


Laura said...

Sounds like fun. I have never been there, but now I know how yummy it is!

Jan said...

Meg and I LOVE Chair 6 for breakfast. We always get the strawberry french toast (topped with fresh strawberries and stuffed with strawberry cream cheese). We're looking forward to trying their dinners one of these days.

JuneBug said...

yay phil! the funniest person i know. sounds like a wonderful breakfast.

eyeheartorange said...

love the school picture!! So cute.