Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adirondack Yarns

If you were to walk into my home, you'd see signs that I might be a tad into knitting lately. The coffee and side tables have been stacked with books checked out from the library, scraps of paper with patterns and instructions are piling up, and balls of yarn have been poking out of bags and baskets. Drew noticed this recent wave of craziness and gifted me with some yarn and a book from Adirondack Yarns at Christmas.

With two skeins of beautiful yarn and a book on felting, I found a pattern that I wanted to try, but I still needed to figure out if I had the right needles. I used the handy little business card that Adirondack Yarns has with a chart on the back to organize my needles.

I checked off quite a few of the boxes, but of course I didn't have the right size for my next project. This I find to be the most frustrating thing as a novice because it seems like every time I want to make something new, I need to spend more money and buy more needles. So, I turned to Adirondack Yarns in search of the latest needed sticks.

Adirondack Yarns has a great selection of both needles and yarn. The store is also filled with the creations of the employees and inspires me every time I go in.

The owner is so helpful and more than happy to help customers with any knitting dilemmas they might have. Although my knitting group meets at the Alpaca Shoppe in Jay, it is nice to know that I can get some help in the big city of Lake Placid too.

I walked out with the right size needles and got to check off another little box on the card. Now the yarn sitting in the corner is ready to get knitted and come to life!


Anonymous said...

You GO girl!! Can't wait to see pictures of the final products.

L said...

Ummmm still need to go take that first trip to the yarn shop. Thanks for inspiring me (again).

JuneBug said...

I love that fabric basket!