Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bragging About Pacman and Inspiration

Back in the day I worked in Boston with a very creative gal. Sometimes on lunch breaks she'd drag me around the city to show me interesting architecture, obsolete T stops or parade me to Chinatown for awesome food. I always admired her excitement over the little things in life and was so glad she befriended me. She is a true original and her blog This Is Framingham was the inspiration behind starting my Along the Ausable blog.

Recently, we have reconnected and she still amazes me. She has become quite the baker and has been sending me tasty treats in the mail. Wanting to do something for her, I thought I'd knit. She's a lover of all things retro and has a long lasting love of pac man. So, I went ahead and pieced together a few patterns I found online at ravelry, graphed it out and started knitting a headband she could wear while training for the Boston marathon.

Since my last knitter's night was cancelled due to the snow storm, I wasn't able to "brag" about my latest project. Every time we meet, the ladies come in and "show off" their completed projects. Finally, I had something to show off and the snow stopped me. So, here I am bragging all over the world wide web over the pac man headband I sent to my friend.

I've had word that pacman and the ghosties traveled safely from the post office along the Ausable all the way to Framingham and a certain role model of mine was nicely surprised.


Ann said...

OMG that is soooo cute! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Do you take orders? So cute, can't stand it...

Blonde Mom

JuneBug said...

That is AWESOME!!! Definitely should add those to your etsy shop :)