Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There are some things in my travels that I often ponder, some longer than others. This odd sculpture sits just above the sidewalk on Saranac Avenue.

K. Cole Artist?

The bust always seems to grab my attention when I drive by the Paradox Lodge in Lake Placid, but I usually forget about it as soon as I turn into Hannaford's parking lot and start grocery shopping. However, the other day I finally stopped to take a picture and put a little more thought into it. After looking at it up close, it reminded me of a ceramic head I made in high school art class and wished that I hadn't left it in my parents basement for years. An act that ultimately led to its demise in some landfill. So shameful and now every time I drive by, I feel guilty about not treasuring my own art work and finding a nice place for it in our garden.


Along the Ausable said...

Drew seems to think that the bust is wondering if he should eat at the McDonald's across the street or Pan Dolce.

Anonymous said...

You may not have saved your own sculpture, but there is still one you bought in your parents' garage, that they'd gladly donate for your garden!

Anonymous said...

If you ever feel inclined to make a NEW ceramic sculpture, the LPCA's "Open Studio" would be the perfect set-up for this! :-) Julia