Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Animal Heads

About a month ago I had gone to Dartbrook Rustic Goods in Keene.  This is the home store and workshop to the Adirondack rustic furniture maker George Jacques.  Knowing that his furniture sells for quite a bit of money, I knew I would only be browsing.  However, Dartbrook also carries home accents such as baskets, rugs, prints, and of course animal racks.  I am not really a fan of decorating my home with dead animal heads, I think it's a feng shui/dead spirit kind of thing for me.  At Dartbrook there is a wide selection of racks that you can purchase.  Here is the simple deer rack:Or you could have the great Moose Rack:  For some reason I wasn't bothered by the deer or moose, maybe because it is pretty common to see them smiling at you at restaurants in the area.  I was a little taken back by the raccoon though.  Look at the cute little furry face on this guy.  I think this would be a little creepy having the little guy on my living room wall watching tv with me.  

I was pleased to see that Dartbrook has a rack for those of you that would like to have one in your home, but not able to commit to the dead animal head, there is a cardboard deer rack:  
Personally, that was my favorite.  And for those of you that aren't willing to hang one of these in your home unless you proudly killed it yourself, Happy Hunting Season!

Disclosure: No animals were hurt or killed while posting this blog.


rabbit13676 said...

Loved this one Al, . . . too bad they didn't have a cedar deer head mounted!

Anonymous said...

I love ALONG THE AUSABLE!Keep up the great work!! From J&M L. of Potsdam.

Courtney said...

You are killing me. Hilarious.

On that note, I might have nightmares about that raccoon.

Nancy said...

Whatever you think about moose heads and deer antlers, these guys have poured some real money into little Keene and they seem to be a class act. I always visit Dartbrook when I'm in Keene. Got a beautiful Adirondack box last year and it sits proudly on my mantle at home now. Reminds me of our summers in the North Country.

I'm anxious for this blogger to review Bald Mountain Rustics in Keene Valley too!