Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pumpkin Vandalism

Upon letting our cats out this morning, I noticed a couple of our pumpkins were taken off of our porch.  After taking a quick glance around for clues, there in front of me was our "Welcome Pumpkin" laying there on the lawn.  I never intended for this pumpkin to be an invitation for someone to mess with our pumpkins.  Right next to the "Welcome Pumpkin" was another small pumpkin.  As you can see the culprit really enjoyed the pumpkin.  They scooped out the pumpkin guts and appears to have had a most delicious meal.  I am thinking this was probably a raccoon, only because it was a small pumpkin and I don't think a bear's paw would be small enough to do this. 

I looked around for some scat to identify and was not able to see any.  I did see one strand of dark grey or black animal hair on the pumpkin and that is all I have to figure out who did this. I know it was definitely not a teenager wanting to smash some pumpkins, this was a hungry animal.  What kind of animal though?

I think this happened around 10:30 pm last night when Drew and I heard a loud crash noise. We thought the cats were to blame.  After the second crash, I got up and made sure the doors into the house were all properly shut and did not see an animal in our breeze-way or mud room and knew we were safe.  At least I learned my lesson from last month's bear poop incident and now all I have to clean up are some pumpkin guts.


Jen said...

I saw a deer eating smashed pumpkin in the road the other day ... but that might not explain the black hair.

Anonymous said...

Yes, deer love pumpkins. Any hoof prints?