Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hunan Oshaka's Latest Addition, Numero Dos

Last month I had mentioned that Hunan Oshaka and Kento the Chinese Japanese Restaurant in Lake Placid was going to be opening Mexico City soon.  The last few days the local radio station had been brainwashing me into trying it out for Cinco De Mayo, their "Grand Opening."  I couldn't convince Drew to take me there for their special offer of $3 margaritas and free appetizers.  I can't imagine why?  Come on, $3 margaritas!

Luckily, our friend Heather asked if we would go and Drew caved in.  Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by the owner and were seated in the back of the restaurant where they had Southwestern pictures hanging on the walls.  A couple of us at the table thought that they could have been playing some Mexican music rather than the radio station to create a better ambience.

We sampled the appetizers that they had at the buffet.  There were tortilla chips, mini tacos, and perhaps an empanada, but it was more like a cross between a pork pierogi and a sweet pot sticker.
A few people thought the margaritas were a little bit too salty, but were able to finish them with no problem.  

I hate to say anything bad about a business that is starting a new venture, but it's going to take something like $1 margaritas for me to give them a second try.  Lo siento Hunan Oshaka/Kento/Mexico City y feliz Cinco de Mayo!


TourPro said...

As someone who dabbles in marketing, just the title is enough to make me break out in grins.

Thanks for taking one for the team.

Anonymous said...

Mucho hilarious!!!