Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Cut Flowers

After spending months in the cold garage, the garden scissors came out of hibernation and made their first cuts of the season.



It might be cliche, but I always find that fresh flowers brought in from the yard makes our home brighter and brings a smile to my face. What do you do to bring joy into your own space?


eyeheartorange said...

Love flowers :) I have none to cut myself, wish I did! Another silly thing I do that makes the house feel lighter is emptying the garbage cans! Silly, but true. And I am happy when I have fresh, matching dishtowels in the kitchen. Weird.

L said...

I love the lilacs in the pitcher. Any time I can open the windows makes me feel better.

JuneBug said...

yes, we have lots of fresh picked.... dandelions! hey well, they are bright and cheery, and coveted by the preschooler in the house so we oblige.

the things that brighten our house the most are the touching peices of artwork drawn by lili... i will have to do a post about those soon!