Monday, August 30, 2010

Detective Case #1: Gnome Lights

Recently I've been reading the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and have been obsessed with thinking I too could be a really good female detective. Last week I had to get a new cell phone and decided on a black phone because it would be inconspicuous, just like a private eye would have and I even chose the Inspector Gadget theme song as my ring tone. No joke.

Tonight, I have my first case to solve. I wandered outside to call in the cat and as I turned the corner shaking his food bowl, there glowing in our cedar tree were some gnome lights!

I knocked on our living room window to show Drew my excitement and he acted surprised. I thought for sure when he was outside trying to get the cat in and I talked to my friend Lori inside behind the curtains that he was busy stringing lights. He claims it wasn't him.

Lori had already left when I discovered all this and I immediately called her cell phone. The connection wasn't the clearest and I thought for sure she said, "Gnome it wasn't me, I don't gnome what you're talking about." I asked her if she was saying NO or GNOME, it wasn't clear. I hadn't seen her in awhile and she did just kind of show up at my house acting a little strange, but that's not that unusual. No offense Lori. Really? Were you really "just in the neighborhood?"

Why isn't anyone owning up to gifting me with these fabulous gnomes?

The first person I would suspect just flew across the country to go rock climbing, so it's not her. The second suspect lives in Finland, and I don't think she'd fly all the way here to string up some lights without saying hello.

What would Mma Ramotswe of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency from Botswana do? I looked for other clues. I noticed the empty box in the garage and there were no hints to where it was purchased. However, the person did place it on the table near our Recyclables, so it makes me think it is someone that is organized. I started calling other suspects and no one is fessing up.

It troubles me that friends and family members that have been accused of trespassing and stringing gnomes on our property tonight have laughed at my inability to solve my first detective case. I don't have the equipment to do finger printing, but I do know enough that I am 100% sure that this person contains the "awesome" gene.

This case is not closed. If you have any information or possible leads, please contact me.

4 comments: said...

Maybe it's the gargoyles????

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also think it was the gargoyles. It definitely wasn't me!

Along the Ausable said...

Turns out it was a combination of Lori and Drew! I'd like to say I knew it all along. :)

Stephanie said...

Where do you get gnome lights? I have a friend who is a gnome lover.