Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gargoyle Yard Sale

The Gargoyles had a Garage and Yard Sale this weekend.

I stopped by to see just how much two Gargoyles could accumulate. I was surprised to see that when I'm not spying on the Gargoyles and taking their photograph, they have been busy playing the guitar, using a George Foreman Grill and Tubing.

Their Yard Sale also gave me some insight into other hobbies of theirs, such as reading and fashion. They must have outgrown a lot of clothes and I also suspect that they became tired of playing with dinosaur toys.

The Gargoyles were trying to purge many items from their lives this weekend, but they accepted some Easter Rabbit Eggs that I found at a Yard Sale before visiting them.

I thought they'd be a perfect addition for an Easter Gargoyle Party. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

hcfine said...

We am sorry it has taken us so long to thank you. We wanted to use the eggs as decorations right away, but our owners are making us wait until Easter!