Monday, October 11, 2010

Equine Center aka Bomb Shelter

When I first moved to the area almost a decade ago, I had this sweet deal through work and paid only $100 a month to live in this little apartment on the old Lake Placid Club property.

When I wasn't surrounded by snow drifts in the winter, you could see that I lived in the middle of a parking area for the tennis courts. During the day, when I was actually inside (rare), the door would get knocked on asking if I was the Tennis Pro. At night, I would wake up to the sound of cars slowly driving in and parking. I started to recognize the cars that were either doing drug deals or parking to make out. My cinder block apartment never really felt like home and my friends referred to it as the "Bomb Shelter."

Turns out the "Bomb Shelter" is now surrounded by horses.

The Equine Center now has a location here and they offer horseback riding, carriage and sleigh rides. As my dedicated readers know, I have a problem with motion sickness so I will not provide you with a review of the horseback riding. I shall leave that to someone else.

No offense horsies, but I sure am glad I don't live in the "Bomb Shelter" anymore. I hope you enjoy the teenage face suckers more than I did.

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