Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Flight of Stairs

This post is another little glimpse into our home renovation progress for friends and family that won't be visiting our stairwell along the Ausable anytime soon. Oh, and I can't forget the maniacs out there like me that spend hours looking these silly things up on the internet. I thought I'd share with you our latest house project, painted and stenciled stairs.

Years ago, even before moving, I had ripped out a page from Country Home Magazine and kept it in a folder. Turns out, my sister tore out the same picture for me. I never knew if we'd have stairs some day, let alone ones we could paint as beautiful as these stairs I drooled over in a magazine.

Turns out we ended up with a narrow painted grey stairwell that was sandwiched in by lovely wood panelling. We ripped down the faux wood (correction, Drew ripped it down), and went to work on new walls. It's been a long process, but I was patient waiting to get up close and personal with the stairs.




So, there you have it, our flight of stairs painted in green with a stencil on the risers. Does this mean I can finally recycle that magazine picture?

We have one more day of driving the cats insane by locking them up and sealing the stairs with a polyurethane. Yeah, that's fun. Um, not. Oh well, Happy Friday!

p.s. If anyone out there would like our extra gallon of Louisville Mint Julep floor paint, let me know!


Shelley Weber said...

awesome! what a good idea. you did a great job, and I love that green. I may have to put that in my idea bank.

Courtney said...

Catching up on blogs tonight...LOVE the stairs. I love that color, too! I am doing the powder room, possibly, tomorrow. I need to finalize my color choice.

Good work!

Carole said...

I have never seen anything like that before and that is awesome! Love it!

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful! Do you give lessons?

Blonde Mom

JuneBug said...

so pretty! i love that you kept it for so long and followed through. there's nothing i like better than some good follow through!

Tera said...

I haven't looked at blogs in a while but how did I miss this? Great job!!! I love it!

Kayce Church said...

Great job with the stairs! I think it was better that you painted the stencil on just once on each riser, considering the design. I think your stairs could also use a layer or clear lacquer or varnish to make it look glossy. Glossy paint is easier to clean; dirt clings to matte or flat paint quicker than it does to glossy paint.