Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Letter to My Beloved Car Rosa

Dear Rosa,

Congratulations on hitting the 110,000 mileage mark today. I'm guessing that after driving that far and closing in on 14 years old, you wanted to take a little break for yourself when deciding not to put the driver side window back up after using the ATM drive-thru.

I need to apologize for having my doubts about you and accidentally calling you a "Piece of S..." to my parents on the phone. I hope you can understand my level of frustration because it was cold and rainy out. Rather than having an all out fight with you, I removed myself from the situation and got a few groceries.

I took a deep breath before seeing you and it helped. I turned on your heat and pointed it toward the window. Slowly you poked your window head back up and with my assistance, I brought you to the top again.

I know you've felt sick plenty of other times before and I've helped you get over those illnesses. Christmas night 2008 was not one of the best when you decided to let the brakes go in Santa Clara and made Drew drive home 45 miles brakeless through the Adirondacks in the dark. The mechanic doctor helped you the very next day. You have proven to me that you're exhausted with the several complete exhaust systems I've bought for you. That summer that you had a leak in the gas tank, your fumes actually made me sick, but I still didn't give up on you.

What I'm trying to say little Rosa, is that I love you even after 14 years. I'll keep loving you and giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I need you to keep loving me too. I know that you look at that two door garage every night wishing that some day you'll make it inside. Believe me I want to be able to give that to you before the day comes when you no longer have that as an option. Maybe tomorrow morning when you see Drew, you could give him a little wink of the headlight and win him over so he'll clear out one side of the garage for your red hot body this winter.

Love always,

Your faithful driver


One of the ladies said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rosa!

I hope to follow in your longevity footsteps, errr tire tracks.

(Blonde Mom's car)

L said...

Looks like you sang the praises of your car too soon.