Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Visitors and a Cascading Waterfall

I like having guests visit me along the Ausable because it generally means good food and lots of laughs are on the way. If we know visitors are coming to stay at our house, it means we'll be eating a higher quality dinner thoughtfully prepared rather than our usual last minute frozen pizza option. If they're staying elsewhere, I try to figure out a place they would really enjoy eating at together. Good food and drinks always wins me over whether I'm a guest or a hostess.

As for activities, I like to plan out some fun things to do as well.

When I heard that L and P were going to be staying in Lake Placid and wanted to get together over the weekend, I immediately wanted to know where they were staying. Why? Well, I hoped their lodging accommodations would have a pool and I could build it into the evening's itinerary.

L informed me that they would be staying at the Courtyard Marriott. I wrote back right away telling her to pack their bathing suits. Now, I know writing this to someone you haven't seen in roughly 12 years and having gotten reacquainted through one another's blogs might seem strange, but L quickly wrote back, "I hear the pool has its own 'cascading waterfall' (as opposed to one that does not cascade)."

Before we checked out the cascading waterfall at the pool, we toured two dining establishments for drinks and food and then sprinkled in a little Adirondack ambience. The tour de Lake Placid seemed to exhaust everyone, but we rallied and put on our suits since we did at one point call the hotel to confirm that the pool wasn't closing until 11:00 pm.

There wasn't just one cascading waterfall, there were two! One each for L and P to relax under.

If L&P would like to return, I'll show them a real waterfall next time, one that cascades more than two feet.


L said...

You were a superbe hostess and we hope to have more adventures with you (and perhaps your elusive husband?). Thank you for a great time and for making me go in the pool. The waterfall was cascadeyx2.

Fyi, if you're looking for Ronnie's "new" head, um, it's not here.

Pucho V said...

I think it is "Roni," no?

I'll always remember the pine cone beavers.