Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making Porch History

Last month I wrote about the saga of the missing porch. We had some issues with losing our cat to its scary underworld and thought we needed to remedy the problem. In general, the porch was a little shabby to begin with and no, I don't mean shabby chic.

So, the porch was destroyed and my thoughts went to fabulous porches and reconstruction. Just across the covered bridge from us was a beautiful Victorian house that had a gorgeous wrap-around porch.

Running across the covered bridge through to the other side, the big old porch would greet me with its intricate architectural elements and I would daydream about sitting up there looking out at the river rapids. One morning, I took another running route and did not start my day passing the vacant 19th century home. Instead, a neighbor walked her dog and saw smoke coming from the home. I was already at work when I found out.

The house had been destroyed and was considered a complete loss. The charred porch, still showed signs of grandness.

This spring, demolition on that home began and we were able to purchase two of the salvaged columns. Drew rebuilt our porch and although it is small, we are very pleased that a piece of Jay's history is now a part of our home sweet home.

Thank you to Patti F for providing photos


Ann said...

You new porch is so much more welcoming and friendly looking. Nice job. I like the stained glass window and the red door.

Anonymous said...

It looks great----good job Drew!

Amy said...

Amazing transformation, great job guys!

Bonnie said...

Your new porch with old parts has a warm, inviting look. You just know that there will be tea and lemon snaps inside waiting for you.

Blonde Mom

Fasty said...

that is so awesome! i love it. you guys are very handy.