Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing Porch

Do you know what it's like to come home after work and see that your porch has gone missing?

Um yeah, gone. Drew had timed it to so he could be secretly sitting in his car to see my expression when I pulled into the driveway. Yes, my mouth dropped. Now, the funny thing here is that I did not panic. Does this mean I'm starting to get used to these outrageous surprises?

I have to admit, when I came home one day to a cedar tree cut down without any previous discussion, I was mad. I thought it gave us some privacy and I loved being in bed and looking out at the birds in the tree. He did not have the same love for the cedar. Now, in place of the cedar tree we have a cauldron that he secretly purchased and dragged around the house leaving a trail.

Full disclosure here, I now love that the cedar tree is gone. Sitting around it with friends while a fire is going is one of my favorite activities.

Secret projects are something that I suppose I'm getting used to. Tearing up kitchen floors before I've wrapped my head around the idea of refinishing it and introducing saloon doors to me before I had fully investigated all the styles does frustrate me immensely, but it always turns out for the best.

But, back to this porch destruction thing... remember when our cat had gone missing this winter? We realized that the only place she could have gone in two feet of snow was under the porch. Drew was very close to tearing up the entire porch and mud room floor to rescue her. Luckily, she escaped on her own and came back in one piece, but we did not want it to happen again.

We had discussed the potential project of redoing the porch, but once again he went ahead without my knowledge and began demolition. He discovered the hole that Bella had fallen in.

I discovered that I would not have any stairs going into my home. My friend Elizabeth, the next morning discovered she could not drop something off to us. She called and said, "I don't mean to alarm you, but it appears as if your porch has been stolen." Yes I am well aware of the porch situation, nothing was stolen, it's called having a handy husband.


elizabeth said...

I think your readers may be jealous of Drew's level of handiwork! At least when I noticed that the porch was 'stolen' I called you and not the police, like the last time when your door was open, sheesh.

Ann said...

Maybe Drew just wanted to make it harder for the bears to get into your mud room! And MAYBE Drew was sitting in his car so he could make a quick escape . . .