Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Much Deserved Pedicure at Speedy Spa

A quick update on my never ending toe issues...I finished the marathon on Sunday with no damage to my recent toenail removal and managed to cross the finish line with zero blisters. My tootsies actually ended up being the least of my issues and while struggling with the heat (my enemy), I thought about how my friend, Elizabeth thought that thinking about a pedicure in the last few miles might make the miles go by easier. Honestly, I needed a whole lot more than the thought of a pedicure appointment in the last few miles, but we both did it. We finished another marathon and our feet definitely deserved the royal treatment at Speedy Spa.

The owner, Claire greeted us on the porch and was happy to see us, we were happy that there was only one step to climb. Speedy Spa has such a fun vibe to it and is a great place to go with girlfriends for spa treatments.

Elizabeth came away from the marathon with a couple bruised toenails, so Laura gave her feet some needed tlc.

Elizabeth decided to cover up her already purplish toe nails with a rosy pink. I asked her what the paint color was called and she said, "Baguette Me Not." I responded confused with, "like as in a french baguette?"

Um yeah, you can tell I'm not too girly because baguette diamond was not even a thought of mine.

I went with something a little less feminine and had my nails painted, "Hot and Spicy."

I guess I was partial to the name since I really haven't been able to cool down since the race and well... y'all know I'm a little spicy.

We left Speedy Spa feeling great and it made me think I should start rewarding myself more often, marathon or not. Thanks Speedy Spa!


Michelle said...

Yay! Well deserved. Your feet look great- so normal. I won't even bring my hoofs into a pedicurist, they're just beyond anything nailpolish and a scrub could do.

But you're damn right you should treat yourself more often :)
Congrats again on completing an intensely hot and humid marathon- you nut!!

tateva said...

It's me Sarah! I am reposting because I didn't know if you would know me from my email address! I am so glad you had fun and I love your blog-I'm your new follower! I hope to see you soon and am so glad you are friends with my favorite nursing student (besides my sister)- hugs to you, Sarah