Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Running For Reading

As I recently mentioned, this round of marathon training has been slower than usual. I am okay with that, but I'm starting to see habits forming. As I begin to know more and more of you within the community, I find myself breaking stride and stopping to chat.

I might be in the middle of a 15 mile run trying to crest a hill and catch up to you while you are walking your dog, so I stop and walk with you and chat. Then another 30 minutes goes by and find myself on a tour of a property that I often admire. Sometimes I stop running because I finally see a fellow knitting group friend outside weeding after having heard through the grapevine that she had been in the hospital. Maybe my pace slows because I have a question about a cool sign on the side of a barn or finally get to meet the owner and learn the names of the dogs that chase me up the hill from within their electric fence.

These last few months of running have made me really appreciate all the waves and big smiles I get from those of you in your vehicles passing by. I don't even know most of your names, but I thank all of you for getting me through those dark, cold mornings. I am so lucky to be able to run safely in such a wonderful community and for that I am racing for the Wells Memorial Library at the Vermont City Marathon on May 29th and hope that I can raise funds for what I believe is an important organization that brings people in our community together. It also helps that the library is sometimes on my running route and I can always stop in, fill up my water bottles and fuel up with some candy.

I have 26.2 miles to run, so whether it's 10 cents or 10 dollars a mile, please consider making a pledge to support the Wells Memorial Library. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below with your email address or you can send your donation to: Wells Memorial Library, PO Box 57, Upper Jay, NY 12987.

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Go Ali go! You've got my money.

ADKpersephone said...

Thanks for doing this for our library, Alison :-)

Phyllis H. said...

Totally behind you and am very proud of you and your dedicationg to fitness, reading and the Library.