Friday, July 29, 2011

Sign in the Middle of the River

Has anyone else been by the old bridge foundation on 9N between Upper Jay and Jay recently and wondered what the sign in the middle of the river said?

Have no fear, I went home and put on my water shoes. I dragged my husband along for the drive back to the bridge, we waded in and found out exactly what it said.

Are you running like a: Gorilla, Frog, Deer

I don't know about you, but I found it confusing to see this sign stapled to a log in the middle of the Ausable River. I guess if I had to pick which animal I most run like, I'd probably say a gorilla. What about you?


Michelle said...

Interesting and confusing. There's someone as quirky as you out there?

In this stupid heat wave I've been running/feeling like a rhinoceros.

Found Beauty Studio said...

Hmm. Without "hippopotamus out of water" as a choice, I don't think I'd check any of those. They've obviously never seen me run.

Karin said...

I'm going for gorilla as well. A slow gorilla.

Just found your blog while googling "laundromat in LP". I'm packing for a month-long vacation in the States and just realised we'll be without a washing machine for 10 days, a scary thing when traveling with a 1- and a 3-year old. But, now I know where salvation is to be found and I will also impress my husband by knowing where to buy the cheapest groceries. Will continue to read and see if I can find some other life-saving information!

Bonnie said...

Since I can't run, I would say a hybrid of frog and gorilla with a little earthworm thrown in as well.

Once again, Sherloucks Holmes solves another case full of mystery along the Ausable. Love it!

Blonde Mom

elizabeth said...

It seems to say A.R.E. Is that symbolic? I think it needs a little sleuthing.