Saturday, December 24, 2011

Robo's Craft Beer

The Sunoco station in Lake Placid otherwise known as "Robo Mart" now offers the craft beer exchange. For the last month or so, I had noticed the sign whenever I had stopped to get gas.

For years, Robo was always my go to place after work if I wanted to pick up a special beer, like my favorite Samuel Smith. Now you can go there and put together your own craft beer 6-pack or have a growler filled up with fresh, draft beer.

So, when Drew called me at work on Christmas Eve asking to bring home some beer, I knew I'd stop by Robo and treat him to a growler. I should mention that you get a free growler with one beer fill.

There were twelve different beers on tap and I had a hard time deciding what to bring home, but ended up getting Magic Hat's Winter Howl for him. Being able to have someone fill a growler at a gas station almost makes the task of getting gas something to look forward to. Fill 'er up at Sunoco now has a new meaning.


Ann said...

Reminds me of a drive-thru I saw in Mississippi . . . a combo liquor, bait and ammo store.

L said...

We JUST enjoyed the Craft Beer Exchange in Potsdam, and also picked the Howl... Genius.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a "mitten" called a Scandinavian cozee/coozie/whatever. It is so great for holding a nice cold beer. Perhaps you could knit for Drew's next year Christmas??

Happy New Year! Blonde Mom