Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dodgeball Fun?

After reading last night's edition of the Jay Community News, I paused after seeing the announcement inviting teams or players to join the fun in the upcoming Dodgeball Tournament this February.

I immediately had flashbacks to high school gym class and thought of the anxiety that would fill me as soon as the teacher announced we would be playing dodgeball. Balls scared me, I was a runner. For a 90 pound weakling, I was always an easy target and could rarely avoid being hit.

I can tell you right now that when I was thinking about my new year's resolutions, getting over my fear of dodgeball was not on the list. A quiet, peaceful activity such as learning the art of Origami in 2012 was on the list. So, if I do attend the tournament this year, I will be the one in the bleachers making Origami cranes and I promise you that if I throw one at you, it probably won't hurt.

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Laurie said...

Totally unrelated, but I was thinking of you as we drove through Blue Mountain Lake on Rt 28 this weekend. Right next to the road was what appeared to be a still-functioning phone booth! Unfortunately, I couldn't ask my husband to turn around so I could take a picture for you without him thinking I was completely nuts, but if you ever happen down that way, it shouldn't be difficult to spot...