Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Decorations

For a couple weeks, my husband came home every night and asked me if I had seen the house with all the great Christmas lights.  Now that it is dark out at 4:30 pm I have been staying to Rt. 86 and kept missing this house on 9N that he kept referring to.

Well, after Thanksgiving dinner, my family took a walk around Jay to check out the Christmas decorations in town.  Although the sun was still setting when we got to the house with the all the lights, the owner saw us walking by and immediately turned everything on for us.  This house has it all, lights on the house, Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Santa and his sleigh with reindeers, a manger, etc.  Very impressive!  
This picture doesn't capture the greatness that one can see when it is dark out and I apologize, but I think you'll just have to do a drive by for yourselves.  The owner of the house definitely deserves some recognition and I feel he is "blog worthy" himself.  

Just before we started walking back home, he came out of his house to say hello.  Turns out the man in Jay with the great Christmas decorations has the name Jay!  He was really nice and came out to fix the blow up decorations of the Santa and Snowman he had on the lawn just for us.  He let me take his picture for the blog because I wanted people to see his great sweatshirt too!  
I am so glad we walked by and I got to meet Jay and his son, Nick.  That's right, after good old St. Nick!  Happy Holidays!

Note: Since taking pictures for this blog, I have noticed that Jay has added a blow up Snow Globe (my favorite).  

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rabbit13676 said...

Sorry I missed the blow up snow globe. Boo Hoo.