Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Christmas Tree

I know I don't usually blog about things here at my home unless it is something significant like the bear scat in our mud room, but I thought our first Christmas tree at our first home deserved some attention.  

After returning from vacation Monday night, I was ready to get into the Christmas spirit and so off we went to get our first tree when I got off of work yesterday.  I would like to share with my friends and family some of my favorite ornaments that I have gathered over the years.

I'll start with fuzzy wuzzy bear that I made at about 8 years old, maybe in the basement of the Potsdam Museum.  I'm pretty sure my parents are happy that he no longer hangs on their tree.
 Another lovely ornament that is hanging proudly on our tree this year is an ornament I made as a Girl Scout brownie.  
I'm thinking my family is also happy that this juice can top no longer hangs on their tree. 
 Some of the best ornaments on the tree are those that my grandparents had made for me over the years.  My Grandpa Wallace had given me a wooden mail box with my name on it when I was two, there was a bird house my Grandma made and also this gingerbread house I received when I was only one.  
I always hang an ornament in memory of Priscilla Zipay that she had given me when I was a little girl.  
We hang the two ornaments that we got at Chris and Amy's wedding and think of them living not so close to us anymore near Lake Tahoe.  
One of my new favorite ornaments is from the wonderful (almost) 5 year old Ruby. 
 I wish all of you a happy holiday with lots of wonderful things to remember.

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rabbit13676 said...

I love this entry, but I miss having those ornaments on our tree!