Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Lights Driving Tour

Tonight I picked my friend Lisa up for a Christmas lights driving tour of Jay and Ausable Forks. There were many houses with impressive lights, but two stuck out over all the others.  

The first was a house on John Fountain Road here in Jay.  I can see this house from my house through the trees and over the covered bridge. Lisa thought that it looked like it's own little Christmas village from this distance.  We decided that we had to do a drive by to get a closer look.   
When talking to Jay about his Christmas lights on Thanksgiving Day, I think he mentioned that this was his brother's house.  I might be wrong, but if so the ability to put on a Christmas light show must be genetic!  This house had a nativity scene, snowmen with candy canes, and Santa with his reindeer.  
Hands down, my favorite thing on their lawn was the cute little gingerbread house.
This house does a good job, but a house in Ausable Forks tops it.  

The house in Ausable not only concentrates on the lawn ornaments, but does quite the job on the porch too.  
I couldn't possibly just do a drive by of this house, I had to get out of the car!  Lisa informed me that there was a Santa on the porch with a motion sensor that when activated, starts to sing and dance!  I paced up and down the sidewalk to try to get him to sing, but he must have been tired because it took him a couple minutes.  It was well worth the wait though. Santa was shaking his hips back and forth and indeed sang some Christmas songs to me.
A man walking his dog passed by and the dog was either scared of Santa or he just wanted him to stop singing because the little dog just wouldn't stop barking.  

Their lawn appeared to be a blow up decoration park.  There must be about 10 different blow ups, some that I have labeled as "Santa with hot air balloon", "Santa running into Christmas tree"and also "Reindeer pulling Santa out of Chimney."
I'm sorry these pictures came out so blurry, but in my defense many of them moved!  Here is a close up of "Reindeer pulling Santa out of Chimney."  On second thought maybe it should be called "Reindeer shoving Santa back down the Chimney."

Secretly I wish that someday I would have a house where people would drive by slowly to admire my lights or decorations. But, I know that my husband would probably be mortified if I came home from Sam's Club with a blow up Christmas decoration of any kind and he would probably think that I was off my rocker.  So, I'll just have to admire everyone else's decorations.

Don't get me wrong I do love my Christmas tree that sits in the window with it's pretty white lights, but when I drove Lisa by my house...she didn't even ooooh or aaaaah.

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Lisa said...

Sorry! I must have still been recovering from that place in Ausable with all the blow up decorations. Your tree was very pretty!