Monday, August 17, 2009

Putt-N-Play at the North Pole

We asked our friends to join us at Putt-N-Play at the North Pole Campground in Wilmington the other night.  This was a course I had never played on and was excited to try out.  We hadn't played mini golf with them since they were childless and I figured my chances of winning a game of mini golf against a couple of distracted parents with two kids would be pretty good.  

Cecilia had a good start, as did I when I only took two strokes on the first hole and then had a hole in one on the second!  Being only 3, she got distracted after a few holes and was more interested in the play part of "Putt-N-Play".  

We quickly discovered that there would be no need to keep score and became the team that held everyone up.  Fortunately, we are childless and find nights like this entertaining since we aren't the ones having to chase a toddler around the miniature golf course while they climb onto the obstacles.

Cecilia really liked the Castle hole just like any other 3 year old princess would.  

For most of the night Henry just sat peacefully in his stroller with a green golf ball, until he started screeching to be let out to play the retro hole.  

I really enjoyed this course and it reminded me of one my parents would take me to in Potsdam that has since been demolished for a Walmart.  Luckily this one has been spared by a bulldozer and remains a nice little slice of Americana.  At Putt-N-Play, you get the charm of a miniature golf course that probably hasn't changed in 30 years for only $4.50 where they allow you to drink a cold beverage as you play with sticky gripped clubs.  Happy Golfing!


Matt said...

The last time I saw you play mini golf was in Conneaut Lake. You were about 3 yrs old and fell into one of the water hazards.

Anonymous said...

Hope I can do as well when I play today with the ladies!