Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Depressed Gargoyles

Dear Gargoyles of Upper Jay,

I have reason to think you might be depressed.  It has been three months since I have witnessed your participation in activities that you normally enjoy.  Not since the middle of May have you gone fishing. I realize it has been a rainy summer and perhaps it has gotten you down.  I thought when you put your fishing equipment away in June and left just your hat on that maybe you were getting ready for some gardening.  Two months have gone by and you continue to nap in the shade.  Sometimes with depression, you feel lifeless and apathetic and all you want to do is sleep.  Hypersomnia can be a sign of depression.

Apparently, it is normal to feel down at times, but when this has been going on for months there is reason to be concerned.  Many of your fans have been asking me what might be wrong with you.  Back in April, when Easter came and went and you did nothing to celebrate the Easter bunny, readers of my blog thought maybe you weren't religious.  I reminded them how excited you were for Christmas.  When you're depressed, hobbies and other activities just don't interest you anymore.  Does any of this ring a bell with you my favorite gargoyles?

I would really like to be there for you if you need help or want to talk.  With help and support you can get better.  I thought at first your owners might be on an extended vacation, but on two occasions I have seen them pulling out of the driveway.  I also saw that dog friend of yours two mornings in a row. 

There are many people out there that deeply care for you and would like to see your moods improve.  If you think you need me to help kick start your activity level again, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I would even consider adoption.  As my friend pointed out, if Angelina and Madonna can adopt children around the world, why can't I adopt Gargoyles that need help too?


Along the Ausable Blog Lady


Anonymous said...

I miss them too!

amy said...

awesome:) can we bring them to rumours on sunday